Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Birthday Celebration

It was a very memorable Birthday for me because it's my 50th birthday. I decided to make it a Mardigras Theme because i like to make it more colorful I even hired a Dancer for entertainment and a Fashion show to show some of my accessories collection to my guest.

The cake was very beautiful and colorful as well with a mask on top 

The stage is full of tarpaulin with a festival theme and colorful flowers 

This are the dancers i hired for the entertainment with a gorgeous costume.
This are the pictures of the Models in the fashion show 
It was a very successful occasion all of the guest enjoyed the photo booth and the variety of choices of drinks in our wild cocktail mobile bar. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

I recently went to Cebu to replenish my stocks for my upcoming event on February 18 to 20, 2011 in SMX building in Pasay City. This event is yearly event it was last year when we first decided to join the Travel and Tour Expo, it was a success that’s why I decided to join again this year. This event offers many affordable tour and travel arrangements in Local or International destinations. But not only that you could also see the stylish accessories in the Life Style section with new and elegant designs. Our company name is Head Turner. So come and visit us in SMX.

This our some of my pictures in Cebu


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Japan with k-chan

This trip was not really in our original plan but since my husband have a miles we decided to continue my trip to Japan so, I could check up on my son Because it's been 3 months since he decided to work in Japan. This pictures are places we've been together in my first 2 days in Japan. It was freezing even though I'm wearing 3 layers of clothing already.  

This are my son's friend who also stay in Japan 
from left to right me, katsuji kikuchi(my son), Ai yamamoto, James Pascual 

Okonomiyaki in tokyo is one of the best Japanese Pizza, It was fun making them because you could smell the ingredients while you cook. I would like also to try to make this in the Philippines.

This also one of the reason why i went to Japan it's my son's 22nd birthday, we just ate in a ramen house and brought a cake in the house. It was just simple but Happy day for us because we have the opportunity to be together in his special day. 

This is my final day in Japan it was sad but at the same time relief to see my son independent and Happy.